Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Please, No Cameras

Green satin shirt and gray wool pants, Express. Pink obi belt, Sugadaminka (via Ebay). Black angora hat and pink chandelier earrings, Claire’s Boutique.

I’m loving the green shirt with the pink belt. I’m not loving my saggy butt pants, but they are really warm. Just the thing to wear on a breezy, winter day.

These pants were baggy on me 10 lbs ago. Now they really look like crap, but buying smaller clothes will probably jinx my diet.


Denial Renae said...

I really like this whole outfit! Very cute!

Anonymous said...

Very stylish, with or without the hat.
(seen on Flickr Wardrobe remix)


Anonymous said...

I like this combo esp. the shirt and belt.

Unknown said...

Very sexy. Are you single? :)