Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Gray cardigan with faux fur collar, New York and Company. Wine velvet dress, New York and Company. Black, lace-topped shirt, Moda International. Red beads, George ME. Black boots, Colin Stuart. Black hat with flower, Pangaea.

Today’s outfit was inspired by a spread in the December issue of Lucky. (Which I just got around to reading at the gym.) The monthly article that pictures four or five women wearing an “of-the-moment” item in an outfit of their own creation, featured a very similar dress. One woman paired her red, wrap dress with an oversized cardigan, and I loved the mix of luxe and casual, so I copied it. I felt a little swallowed up in all the layers, but I was very warm.


styleicon_00 said...

oh my god!
this is the cutest outfit ever!
i don't know how you dress so cutely all the time!
gossip girl<3

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

This is a beautiful outfit. You already know how I feel about the faux-collared sweater, dress 7 hat. ;-)