Sunday, May 20, 2007

Orange You Glad?

Orange baby doll dress, Wet Seal. White denim, Gap. Leaf filgeree earrings, Claire’s Boutique. Orange glass necklace, Okinawa Japan. Wedges, Montego Bay Club. Basket purse, 100 Yen Store.

I was forced to leave my garden today to attend a picnic for TDW. In the summer, all I want to do is dig in the dirt. I resent any time spent away to eat, bathe, or socialize. Still, I had fun doing all three this afternoon. Then, I put my grubbies back on and got dirty until darkness forced me indoors.

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JR said...

I love your blog and see that you like to's mine about my suburbian flower and vegetable gardens, as well as some arts and crafts projects. You might enjoy it!