Thursday, April 10, 2008


Striped blazer, Mossimo/Merona. Pink silk scarf, Thailand. Blue jersey dress, Frederick’s of Hollywood. Khaki slingbacks, Linea Paolo. Printed bracelet, Xhilaration. Earrings, Delia*s.

I was quite unhappy with this outfit. I felt like I needed a shot of color near my face, but the scarf looked like it was choking me. I started the day with my hair half up. After teaching aerobics, I pulled it all back in an effort to demonstrate that I do indeed have a neck, but the effect was too harsh.

I also did not like my makeup. After seeing Hillary’s smokey-eye transformation, I tried it on myself. As usual, the heavy eye makeup and pale lip color left me looking like a dead whore. My friend, and former MAC consultant, Julie, suggested I try again, but with shades of brown only.

I did love the color mix in my accessories and clothing.

P.S. Hey Anon - I've got my white hose on again, today! ;)


Londyn said...

I'm so surprised you didn't like this......I think you look adorable!

Anonymous said...

Dark eyes + pale lips leaves me looking icky too. However, my first thought when I opened this was, "Oh, her eyes look so pretty!"

Cute outfit too and white hose? lol. Don't let the turkeys get you down.

hillary said...

Dude if this is your bad eye makeup look then you are nuts! Your eyes look hot here!!! I think it matters what color you wear with your eye color. Mine if 4 different purples with my green eyes. (maybe thats the trick?) I too thought ooh I like her makeup on clicking like ezibbets!

Anonymous said...

HAHA at the white hose shout out. I laughed yesterday at inane that comment. --K

Anonymous said...

You did look pretty with that makeup. I think so much of it is what you get use to seeing on yourself.
As a side note, I started to put on black shoes this morning, but then remembered it was "Neutral Shoe Week" and grabbed my neutral heels instead. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

You look fab!