Friday, December 02, 2016

On Trial: Rugby Ralph Lauren Dress

It’s been years since I asked your opinion on whether or not I should keep an item of clothing. I’ve been pretty reckless with the donations. I need some help deciding on this dress, though.

Jacket, Mossimo. Dress, Rugby Ralph Lauren (consignment). Tights, We Love Colors. Booties, Blondo. Sunglasses, Earthbound Trading Co. Bag, Steve Madden. Gloves, gift.

I’d simply cull it if I weren’t planning on doing some teaching and professional speaking. It’s one of the few conservative dresses in my closet.

warm, modest, well made, tailored, a-line shape, tweed

bulky, unflattering(?), drab, frumpy

What do you think? Here’s how I’ve worn it:


thorne garnet said...

keep it.

Edwina said...

Hello, I've been following your posts for a while and love to see your outfits and how you style your pieces. I vote keep for all your "pro" reasons and that it is one of the few conservative dresses in your closet. You never know when you will need one! :) Plus, it is a neutral, fits you well, can be styled many different ways, and is at least a 3 season piece. Style on, Kasmira!

STAshworth said...

I really like it on you - it's the flippy skirt, I think. But if you don't feel good wearing it, let it go. How you feel about it is the most important consideration.

Anonymous said...

I recommend donating it. you have worn it many times and are having doubts. I think you would be ae to find a suitable (har har) replacement. The style seems dated and you have far more flattering clothing in your wardrobe. Good luck! :-)


Anonymous said...

Frumpy I disagree with. Keeper. Classic. And you rock.

Lorri said...

I say keep it. The pros are worth it and I don't find it unflattering in you. Excited to hear more about your teaching in the future!

RB said...

I would keep it based on practical reasons of needing a conservative dress as you foresee.
However I must say, looking at all the ways you styled it, I like all the outfits where it appears as a skirt. Something about the waist and bodice area is not the most flattering.
By the way, whenever you post the different ways to style a single wardrobe item, I am always amazed and impressed by your creativity. You are an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I say keep until you find a replacement you like better. I agree with the poster who said it looks best when you were it like a skirt. Sometimes you just need something a little conservative on hand.


C Lo said...

So I'm not reading any other comments lest I bias myself...;)

I like it with something over the top, but it looks a little clunky on top when you wear it alone/a little too coat like and not enough like "menswear inspired" which is was I feel like it was meant to do. In any event, I'm digging it for layering but not so much on it's own.

But side note: you have a really good skill in your ability to take quirky or "not very conservative" clothes and still make them professional and "respectable".

Another side note: This year has been the KonMari method year for I'd ask "Does it bring you joy?" and if not......donate!

Lorena said...