Sunday, March 08, 2009

Mail Bag: Lime Green Pumps

i have a pair of green pumps in [that] same shade (but completely different style). . .i adore them but really have had a hard time coming up with outfits for em- any advice?

- Kiran

I have to admit to ignoring some of my reader mail, lately. Either the questions are too hard (kwago83 aka “Shoe Issues”) or I’m still formulating an answer (V V) or I’m hoping to give you a video/photo reply (to all those who’ve asked about messy buns). Kiran’s question, though, is quickly answered and gives me an opportunity to present a photo recap of the outfits featuring my lime green pumps.

So, how can you incorporate shoes that are almost a neon green into your wardrobe?

1. Match them to something else in your outfit (cuz I’m matchy matchy like that):

You can see I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of two lime green tanks.

2. Use them to add an unrelated accent color:

I like the contrast of the bright green shoe with red and orange tones.

3. Pair them with blue-green for an unexpected twist:

Blue and green should never be seen. . .unless it’s turquoise blue and lime green!

The limiting factor with my green pumps is really comfort, not color. I'd wear them more often if they didn't hurt so damn much. I hope your shoes are more comfortable, Kiran. And I hope I've given you some inspiration to strut your bright-footed stuff.


kiran said...

thank you!! seems like all i needed was a recap of your outfits, i've never had a bright shoe problem before and i've been hating myself for neglecting them for so long.
my favorite outfit of yours is the recent aqua + lime combination and i'm now after seeing this recap i;m thinking burgandy + lime will be fun too. with spring here, i'm ready to bust out the flourescence!

kiran said...

ps- my pumps are SUPER comfy :)

Anonymous said...

i must say, i disagree with your blue + green rule!
but, to each their own. :)

dodo said...

I love that lime/green color~~ look so refresh and spriny on you.

Anonymous said...

Woow, I really like your pictures! :)
nice outfits to! ^^

one-hit_wonder said...

Love these colour combos!

Amber said...

I think I have those very same pumps, and boy do they hurt! But, I love them and have them in bright teal also :)

I love the way you paired them with the blue/green, they are two of my favorite colors and I might just have to try that!