Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Go To Updos

I often wear my hair up. In the summer, it’s the simplest solution to humidity hair. In the winter, pulling it back diminishes some of the visual weight I gain from layering (and cookies). My updo arsenal is composed of twists, braids, buns, and ponytails.


I use my lazy girl’s updo technique for a sleek French twist.


My simplest braided ‘do is a single French braid with the ends tucked under. Sometimes, I accessorize with a scarf.

If I want to get fancier, I French braid two pigtails and hide the ends.

I have two variations on the side braid: the French side braid and the Katniss side braid.

Recently, I tried milk maid braids. Because my hair isn’t very long, I start the braid above each ear.


Using my not-so-messy bun technique, I place a big, fluffy bun on the top of my head.

Or I’ll use a bun form inside a bun just behind my right ear.


Everyone does a ponytail, but it’s sassier if it’s pulled to the side.

Sometimes I feel bad about so seldom wearing my hair down. If I’m going to pull it up all the time, why not cut it off? Two reasons: Beefy likes it long and I have fun styling updos.

What are you favorite ways to pull up medium to long hair?


Adrienne said...

I think wearing your hair up is just fine. Why not it is a great solution in the heat. I prefer you with the french twist the bun and side ponytails. When you are in your fifties you can cut your hair if you want to. Now that you are still young and have great hair wear it long. I have seen you with short hair and you can rock that too. If beefy likes it long why not indulge that great guy...

Jeannie said...

I'm almost embarassed to admit that my most common updo is a lazy ass half ponytail. But my excuse is I have zero talent with updos, which is a shame because I have long, thick hair!

Megan G said...

So many great looks. I couldn't learn to do many of these looks and was often too lazy to even get it into one of those looped 'buns' - so I cut it all off. /laziness

Lorena said...

You were my inspiration to try buns :)
I have very thin hair and no skills for braiding but i absolutely adore yours.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Great post. I am trying to be more adventurous with my hair. I will be trying the not so messy bun tomorrow.

annabananna said...

I am so lazy with my hair, but can't stand to have it down (I think I only have one blog photo with my hair down and it's not my favourite). But you have inspired me - I will try all these hairstyles and see if I can at least use one of them! Thank you for your daily inspiration :)

Jeannie said...

I mentioned you and put a link to this great hair post on my blog! Check it out! :)

Keilexandra said...

I love my long hair (waist length) but I hardly ever wear it down. When I was first getting started with updos and hairsticks, I picked up this super-easy and very secure style:
I find it much more consistent than the French twist or a cinnamon bun, which get unwieldy with long lengths.

Anonymous said...

Keilexandra, thanks for linking to that updo!

I wear my hair down almost every day, but I'm trying to do more with it. Right now I'm practicing French braiding, but it's not ready for a public debut.

Kasmira, I've tried your not-so-messy bun, but I can't get it to be anything but extremely messy on me. I'm so clueless when it comes to hair that when something comes out badly I have no idea why or how to fix it. Usually when I need to pull my hair back I just go with a high ponytail — I'm capable of that at least!

Jenny L. said...

You have given me some great ideas for the summer! I usually wear my hair down, with the exception of some very hot days, but reading your blog and especially this post have inspired me to try some of these on my hair. Thanks for the post!

Jenny L.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I love this post. Your hair looks great in all the hairstyles.


A Knitters Notebook

Maya Resnikoff said...

These days I cover my hair, so it's mostly in a bun under a scarf- but before, I used to do a lot of half-up sorts of styles: leave it half-down, and braid the rest, or then take that braid and pin it into a circle around the back of my head, often with a large, decorative clip in the middle (around the top of the half-pony).

Stacy said...

All the styles look great on you! I am an updo girl, too. I do lots of braid styles. My simplest is just using a couple of sticks and putting my hair in a bun. I do a lot of the same things as you, only my hair is past my waist, so hiding the ends is a bit more complicated.

Londyn said...

I always love how you do your hair - wish I could do mine like that!!!