Sunday, July 08, 2012

Mail Blag: Black and White Outfits


I start beauty school tomorrow and our "dress code" is black and white, black pants or skirts, not denim. Do you have any pictures of how to spice up this quite drab wardrobe?

Love, love, love your style. So glad I found your blog

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I’m pretty crazy about color, so I don’t do a lot of black and white. In fact, I’ve posted 1853 outfits on this blog, but can only come up with 23 that are (mostly) black and white. (That's just over 1%)

Without the use of colored accessories, I find that the following add spice to a color-free outfit:

Layers: adding a vest or a belt creates visual interest with minimal fuss. Jackets, blazers, and cardigans will keep you warm and stylish. If your dresscode will allow it, try a shirtdress, unbuttoned, over a slim top and pants.

Sheer and lace: this is admittedly an offshoot of layering. Sheer and lace garments are special layering pieces that don’t add bulk, but do add dimensionality to your outfit.

Pattern: a patterned piece (stripes, floral, animal) is fun and interesting. And no one will mistake you for waitstaff when you go out to lunch. Because your palette is restricted to black and white, pattern mixing won’t look too “out there,” but will definitely give you an artistic vibe. Don't forget that black hosiery can be patterned, too!

Details: look for black and white pieces with special details, like ruffles, studding, piping, insets, etc. Those details inject style into very basic pieces.

Sneaky color: in your situation, I’d be desperate for a little color. I’d try to sneak in little, bright accessories: a watch, earrings, a scarf. At the very least, you can carry a colored bag, since that will be stashed at your station while you work!

Finally, I recommend checking out the Everybody Everywear Black + White challenge from January. Two-hundred and forty-five bloggers posted their black and white outfits. Some incorporate color or denim, but it’s a great source of inspiration!


Anonymous said...

Ohhh! The sequin shoes...where have they gone? they have to make another appearance! Sonia

Kasmira said...

Sonia - they fell apart after being worn on stage in two productions! (And they smelled really bad, too!)

Anonymous said...

You must (clearly!!!) replace them! :-p Sonia

Lorena said...

Great tips on adding color - i think that a dash of color can also be added with nail polish :)

Megan G said...

Black and white dressing is a lot harder than one would think. I highly rec to your reader to think about texture pattern and shine if she can get it to fly within her color range. I'd also suggest easy to wash stuff being in beauty school.