Friday, July 20, 2007

Old Yeller

Yellow, cropped cardigan, Mossimo. Black, cowl-neck tank, Apt 9. Rose print linen skirt, Talbot’s. Black pumps, Michelle D. Feathered chandelier earrings, Claire’s Boutique.

On Sunday, I eagerly drove to Target to check out the new Designer GO collection: Libertine. It totally sucked. If the color wasn’t disgusting (lots of oatmeal!) or the print juvenile (whales and skulls, anyone?), the material was shoddy. I tried on only a single item, a navy satin cami with black lace trim at the neck and waist (because I love black and blue together). Unfortunately, the lace trim at the waist was elasticized and the resulting poof made me look boobless AND pregnant. Don’t fear, I did not leave Target empty-handed. Instead of Libertine, I brought home a bunch of Mossimo and Merona, including this sweater. Designer schmeziner.


Londyn said...

Love the earrings! (and every thing else of course too)

Anonymous said...

Plus, the black/white/yellow combo is so much hotter anyway (I'm sporting it today myself!).