Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cat Lady

For those of you who answered “Barf, I hate these colors [pink and green] together,” avert your eyes.

Pink gingham dress, Georgio Fiorlani (thrifted). Green bolero jacket, London Jeans. White cardigan, Express. Green peeptoe pumps, Wet Seal.

Today, three of my four cats decided they wanted to be in the photo. The orange cat is Monty (aka Fluffy aka Muffin aka Orangey aka Creaky). The cat under the bench is Yoda (aka Smunchy aka Rusty). And I’m pulling Bear’s tail. (Bear doesn’t really have any aliases. I do sing the “Bear City” theme song to him often.) Clicking on each cat’s name will bring you to their respective photosets. I am a truly a crazy cat lady.

Yes, face is in the shadows, but you visit here to see my outfits, not my mug, right?

Oh, and my toenails match my outfit today. I meant to take a picture of their pink awesomeness, but I was distracted by the cat love-fest.


SHOEGAL said...

Those shoes are fantastic!

Meg said...


O.k., I'm a crazy cat lady. My four babies are all snoozing right now. They're in trouble, though, for eating TWO packs of English muffins (I had only eaten one muffin!).

As for the outfit... I like. I think green and pink are great together (works well in nature after all). Those shoes are killer :)