Friday, November 30, 2012

November 30-for-30 Capsule

Again, you don’t see an outfit for every day of the month, but I wasn’t hiking during the missing days this month. I was either living in the garage (because the wood floors were being recoated) or I was unpacking until I (literally) passed out…all while wearing snuggly pants and a hoodie. No one wants to see that.

MVP: the green, Miz Mooz boots. They had the ability to turn any outfit into a traffic stopper. Every time I wore them, strangers would stop me to pay a compliment.

LVP (Least Valuable Player): my brown leopard skinnies. Yeah, I wore them. Once. On the day my household goods were delivered. But I was so exhausted after that process that I didn’t get a picture. And then I started living in the snuggly pants during my time off.

What I Missed: the rest of my hat collection. Especially on cold or rainy days.

I packed the 30 items (dresses, tops, bottoms, jackets, shoes, bags and a hat) in a box at the end of September. I also included free items: jewelry, scarves, tights, sunglasses, scarves, belts, pajamas, and workout wear. Beefy mailed the giant box to me at the end of October so I was ready to roll on November first. During the month, I swapped out a sweater with a holey armpit for a ruffled, leopard miniskirt and traded my blogoversary jacket for shorty cowboy boots with a fabric upper.

I love variety, so I wouldn’t have done a month long capsule (let alone two!) if it weren’t for extenuating circumstances (moving across the country). It was a useful exercise in planning and creativity, but I already practice those skills with my full wardrobe. The best learning I had from the experience is to accept a less than perfectly flattering outfit. If I had my whole closet to choose from, I would have traded out elements each day for a higher heel or a jacket with a more fitted waist or a shorter skirt. Without any alternatives, it was freeing to just accept the silhouette the day’s outfit had created and move on.

And speaking of moving on…I can’t wait to send these duds to the laundry pile (or cleaners) and pull some “new” things out of the moving boxes!


Sheila said...

I like reading about your insights about wrapping up your 30 for 30 (as I'm now embarking on my 10th one this year!). I haven't noted it, but like you, having a less than stellar outfit is something I've learned to live with, whereas with a full wardrobe, I would "fix" it quickly.

Well done! I enjoyed most of your outfits - your creativity is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I love to see how you mix and match your wardrobe! So inspiring! I, too, have moved across the country and so can relate! 1. It's exhausting! 2. It's kind of like Christmas when you get to unpack everything you haven't seen in awhile.
ps When do we get to see those close ups on your engagement rings, plural, you lucky girl! sp :)

SE said...

I am in awe of your energy! How you manage to get a house unpacked, work full time and keep up this blog is truly inspiring. All while being stylish! I think you have mad organizing skills and if you come up with tips for moving, I'd love to hear them.

Kasmira said...

No secret...I'm super cranky, I'm living on takeout food, and I've completely abandoned my workout schedule. I wouldn't recommend my current lifestyle!

Kasmira said...

Soon, soon. Beefy will help me get the pics.

Adrienne said...

I wondered what tole moving would take on your life. I'm in awe of someone who moves so far away and to a totally different climate. But then there is the excitement of everything new and change. So hopefully everything will work out soon and you can get back to your personal comfort zone. I sound like I'm your mother..ha ha.